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Our Company

Advanced Paperworks is a minority-owned ISO 9001, ISO 14001, WSOB CAGE CODE: 7QES3 Texas based converter of products using die cutting, laser cutting, routing, slitting, laminating, coating addition and more. Since 1994, Advanced Paperworks has been committed to customer care. We have continually grown in sales volume, facility size, capital equipment, product capability, system integrations and customer base. We deeply believe in the idea that if we can help you succeed, we will succeed as well!


Founded in El Paso, Texas, our journey began by providing products and solutions for our customers near and along our border. Since our early years, we have become the vendor of choice for many manufacturers deep in Mexico, as well as the southwestern United States. We are proud to work with a large variety of customers including:

  • Cable assembly plants for the automotive and industrial sectors

  • Metal Stampers

  • Medical Product Producers

  • Electronic Assemblies and many types of Mechanical Assemblies

We would like the opportunity to work with your business or company as well. Please contact us.


We have a technical advantage over many suppliers by way of our extensive knowledge of equipment capabilities along with our development of customized manufacturing equipment for short runs, prototypes and highly specialized products. Being ISO certified requires we work within clearly defined guidelines for the following:

  • Personnel training

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Calibration

And much more! We depend on our engineering, material expertise, employees, and quality systems to produce a product which meets or exceeds customer requirements in quality and delivery!

Our Commitment

Our goal is to achieve a leadership position as the premier converter, marketer and fabricator of custom-cut components throughout Mexico and the United States, while providing global competitiveness.  We have been placed on several large international company’s world sourcing vendor lists and know that we can help support your requirements on these types of products.  We look forward to supporting you and your business!

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