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Our experienced application engineers support manufacturing clients by designing and converting custom precision-engineered materials to reduce cost and improve performance for virtually any market.



We have been helping leading organizations solve their gasketing, shielding, sealing, and insulation challenges. Customers benefit from our expertise converting specialized materials into a variety of components, including:

Industrial Applications

  • Electrical instalation

  • High-temperature gaskets

  • Chemical-resistant gaskets

  • Spacers and stand offs 

  • Shock and vibration control 

  • Thermal management

  • Silicone seals

  • Pressure-sensitive tapes

  • Adhesive mounting pads



Electronics Applications



We'll ensure the manufacturability of these components to meet the standards of applications like wound care, patient monitoring, medical device fixation, diagnostics and more.

Medical Applications

  • •Fenestration Liners & Tapes

  • •Surface protection for medical equipment

  • •Face shields

  • •Fluid shielding

  • •Gasketing

  • •Velcro Wraps



Improve efficiency on the automotive assembly line with customized solutions.

rom vibration dampening to thermal management and EMI protection for automotive electronics, our experts will work with you to create the ideal converting solution to keep your business moving forward.


Transportation Applications

  • •Gasketing and sealing

  • •Surface Protection​

  • •Flame resistant barriers

  • •Thermal management

  • •Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)

  • •Harness Tapes

  • •Vibration Dampening Foams

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